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MyGolf Junior League

MyGolf Junior League is a 9 hole inter-club team match play event for players aged approximately 6 -12 years of age who are not yet ready to get a GA handicap, but are involved in a beginners “MyGolf” program. 

It is played in two person ambrose format. The players would not yet be ready to play in the JNJG 9 hole event Juniors on the Move. It is played on a shortened course with 3 x 250m par 5, 3 x 175m par 4 and 3 x 100m par 3 holes. Each Club should use the same length holes (+/- 10%) 

Typically, four or six clubs of close proximity will each nominate a team and play against each other over 3 or 5 weekends (during daylight saving), to provide an opportunity for these beginners to play “on the course." Parents are welcome to walk around with the players, pull their buggies, assist with raking bunkers, tending the flagstick and helping the kids keep up the pace of play, but they should be encouraged not to coach during the game. 





If your Club is interested in getting involved with the MyGolf Junior League contact:

Mark Ingrey -