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Srixon Targeted Talent Program

The Srixon Targeted Talent Program is designed as the next step in the development pathway for JNJG Juniors. The program aims to support targeted players by providing increased support and opportunities.

Srixon Targeted Talent Program

The JNJG Targeted Talent Program is for players that have shown the potential, desire and elite athlete attributes to be highly ranked state and national amateurs and future members of Golf NSW High Performance Program.  Players invited to be a part of this program may receive various levels of assistance in areas such as; higher level training sessions, coaching/mentoring support, access to JNJG technologies, additional resources or opportunities to assist with their individual development priorities or competitive experiences.

Players that receive assistance in this program have generally been through a “talent verification period” as part of the JNJG State Talent Development Program (TDP). Whilst there is no set verification period, this period would be approximately 12 months. Player data collected during the TDP assists with determining which players receive additional support and opportunities. Data utilised to steer selections include but are not limited to:

  • ability to good representative of JNJG and Golf NSW.
  • observable elite athlete attributes e.g. growth mindset, personal responsibility, positive attitude, resiliency;
  • effort and focus during training;
  • work ethic;
  • behaviours and attitudes observed during competition;
  • program reporting adherence;
  • support network;
  • ability to be a team player;
  • ability to lead others;
  • shots to hole statistics;
  • Trackman and Puttlab data;
  • technical development and skill progression;
  • physical assessment and progression;
  • Tournament participation and results
  • state and national rankings

Other subjective factors will also be taken into consideration when targeting players. Subjectivity will be on the basis of the JNJG Player Development Managers and Golf NSW High Performance Mangers experience in talent identification and elite player development.

There is no minimum or maximum number of players that can receive support from this program. The program runs from March through to February the following year. Players can be invited to join at any time during the program. Players may also be removed from the program if they are not meeting the requirements or standards of the program.


To be eligible for an invitation, players must meet the following criteria:

Australian Citizen;
Must be younger than 18 years of  age at the time of selection;
Must be in the process of completing their HSC.

For more information on the program please contact Heath Canning - 02 9567 7736