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Membership Categories

Membership provides you with information about golf and an understanding of the golf pathway in NSW and Australia.  Membership categories are designed to accommodate boys and girls of any skill level and are open to all girls and boys who have not reached 18 years of age.

Initial Member

Our entry level is aimed at welcoming any boy or girl who intends to start playing golf. And you don’t need to belong to a golf club or have a golf handicap to become a member. Remember, it is free, so join up now and visit us at any time - Standard JNJG Membership. Once you are a member it is time to learn the game. This can be achieved through school programs or by visiting the local driving range or golf club to learn.

Club Member

As you develop your skills and enthusiasm for the game, joining a club is the next step. You can join other young players in clinics and fun activities and if you are keen on competition your club will provide the opportunity to become a junior member. You can then obtain an official Golf Australia Handicap Index which will allow you to enter competitions not only at your home club but also at other clubs.

Tour Member

You are on your way to becoming a fully fledged Tournament Player, playing on both the Club, and JNJG Tour. Complete the online process to sign up as a JNJG Tour Member by clicking this link - JNJG Tour Membership.

Golf After Juniors 

What happens when you turn 18?

You will remain as a very important part of JNJG and although you will not be eligible to play in our events we will provide you with various opportunities to continue within the golf industry and help with possible career options.  Click here to learn about opportunites for players turning 18 and moving out of the junior ranks.